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Problems with F1-F10 Keys etc

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pjhalsey Trainee

Need your help....all of the sudden my F1-F10 keys don't work for reverse thrust etc etc, my Shift +P for push back stopped working, CTRL .(period) for brakes stopped, and I assume others. Your help is much appreciated. Checked as many things as I could/knew how..out of ideas.

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

check your control assignment settings.. see if everything is as it should be. if it is, I have no idea what the problem is

Sphagnum1 Guest

Confused Is your keyboard plugged in? If all those key commands just "stopped working", it's not an issue with MSFS probably... Did you begin using a new plane when this happened? Because planes have different command sometimes.

Did you update anything else? Need more info.

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