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I am looking at having some Scenery Terrains of some of PAN AMERICAN's AIRLINES 1930's PACIFIC SEAPLANE BASES around the World built for use by this VA. As I don't know how to do this I am looking at contracting the job out for PAY if a reasonable price can be worked out.

While I would like each base to look really nice they don't have to be that elaborate or intricate. I would like them to fit into the default FS9 scenery {EXACTLY} and I would prefer them to be more functional than anything else. I don't care if you use the standard scenery items from FS9 if they look ok. If fact I would prefer it.

Some of the items I would like each base to contain are the following:

1. A Dock to pull the aircraft up to.
2. A water spawn point for the largest aircraft (B314) alongside the dock.
3. A specific frequency NDB.
4. A lighted rotating beacon tower.
5. A radio Tower (If appropriate).
6. Night lighting for buildings.
7. A flag pole with moveable US & PAA flags.
8. Misc. scenery around, general building that were present, power boats at the dock or out in the harbor out of the landing lanes, roads, etc.
9. A sign over the dock telling you what base it is.
10. A seaplane ramp into the water. (If appropriate).
11. The whole scenery set has to be a self-contained package not dependent on any other download. (MAJOR Requirement).

For the first Scenery Project I would like to get the following bases built:

Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Midway Island
Wake Island
Cavite, Philippines
Hong Kong

I would like to have all the above in one download.

I can supply you with all the resources and pics you will need to do the project.

Previous experience Will be given preference - I would like to see & test some of your other work before we begin on the project. If the project is done to our satisfaction the builder will have first call for future projects.

If anyone would be interested in taking on this project or you know of someone who would be please have them PM or E-Mail me or let me have their e-mail so I can contact them.


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