Corrupt files at start up

Javiair Guest

Hello. Ok, I cant seem to get this to work.
The splash screen loads, but then I see a message saying (The requested is corrupt or cant be found " " ) it gives NO file name. Just " " for the file.
Ive done every solution on the sites and then some. Uninstalled, both dirty and clean installs. Rebooted, refragmented, updated all video drivers, Im the administrator, no I dont have IE7, Direct X is fine, Ive deleted the fs9.cfg and it created one, but no luck. My Doccuments is the default one, yes I have the flight simulator files folder, CD#4 is in. Ive deactivated the Nvidia device helper.
Nothing has seemed to work...BUT
I can only start it, if I go to the FS9 folder and double click the fs2002.exe. Then it will run.
Is there a difference between the two?
And how can I tell what file is missing or corrupt the pop up just lists " " as the file.

Thank you in Advance.

AMD64 3500+
1gig ram
6600gt pci express vid card (latest drivers)
Thrust master (top gun afterburner force feedback) which wont work in the game.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You asked if there is a difference between the two, two what. I'm guessing the first is the icon on your desktop or in the start menu.
Your system looks good to go.

Try uninstalling using the method recommended by MS.


javiair Guest

I asked if there is a difference between starting up the game using the fs9.exe or the fs2002.exe. I can play if I double click the fs2002.exe icon in the FS9 Folder. But I would get the splash screen with the Error message if I double click the FS9.exe file..

thank you again..


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