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Help Please !!
I recently got a new system based on an AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+, 2.21 gh with a Geoforce Fx5600XT card (bios - driver and Windows XP Pro, with the expectation of improving the performance of FS2004. Despite checking and updating drivers till 'I'm blue in the face' FS repeatedly craches/exits after 10-15 minutes,with the usual MS apology message. It crashes even with the default cessna just sitting on the runway. I have run the Windows XP games adviser several times (in the vain hope of getting at least an explanation for the crash) but each time it fails stating that it can't detect/analyse some parts of the hardware.
Any assistance with this problem would be much appreciated.
mj2 😞

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have you installed directx 9b on your PC yet?

and have you been on MS website for help too?


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BearsdenRed is correct, but also make certain that you have all the new Windows updates or SP1, and that you don't have programs running in the background.
Programs such as restore, Norton auto update. ICQ etc. they can cause your computer to shut down or (CTD) crash to desktop.
You neglected to tell us how much ram you have.
If you have to, reinstall Directx and delete your video drivers and reinstall them. Also check and see if you have the latest drivers for your sound card.
Run Ad-Aware to see if you have "spyware" on your system and delete all of your past flights in the folder that's in "my documents".

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Now after saying all of that, it can be the season (a known bug) or the area that you are flying in (a known bug). Does it happen at the same season and area (country) all the time.

Let us know how it works out, good luck!

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