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I have had FS2004 for nearly a year and played it frequently but recently it has been playing up by not playing correctly and this morning I lost it with the game and smashed it completely down to the last CD.

Anyway, I have found out that many of the files from FS2004 were corrupted and if I tried to install again it would do it incorrectly.
So I have decided to get FS2002 which I have played before and thought was better than FS2004.

What is FS2002 like compared to FS2004 and what aircraft do you get? Do you get all 3 boeing aircraft? (737, 747, 777)?

Will FS2002 work on a Dell Inspiron laptop as that is what I plan to play the game on as an alternative to my desktop.

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Yes, You do get all three Boeing aircraft. MSFS 2002 is pretty good. I like 2004 better. You won't have the historical aircraft, the new Garmin GPS or R22 helicopter. Depending where you live, 2004 and 2002 may be the same price. Near me, MSFS 2004 is $30 US. It's still a good program to have and should work on the dell but you did'nt say the specs. In general, Flight Sim works better on a desktop computer because it takes power to give you a good frame rate. Also it is much more realistic to use a joystick to fly than keys.

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I usually don't respond to anyone who considers FS to be a game, but did you ever consider that if one of the CD-ROMs was scratched or covered with peanut butter, you could have gotten MS to replace it? Or, if it doesn't install correctly and there is no damage to the CD-ROMs, that your CD-ROM drive may need cleaning or replacing?

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In FS2002 you get three other a/c which are not available in fs9.

Cessna Skylane (with retractable gear)

Sopwith 'Camel' -- WWI biplane

Vought Corsair -- WWII navy fighter

Also included in the game is something called 'Fighter Ace 2' , which teaches you the basics of fighter combat.

Obviously the scenery in FS2002 is less detailed compared to fs9, but that means it will run smoother on a machine that isn't all that powerful.
The handling of the aircraft and overall flying aspects are the same in both games (some might disagree), with the exeption of the scenery of course and the different GPS as mentioned by 'CRJCapt' , also the ATC is slightly different but easy to learn.

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Tailhook wrote:

Obviously the scenery in FS2002 is less detailed compared to fs9, but that means it will run smoother on a machine that isn't all that powerful.

True, but you can't really use that as an argument for not using FS9, because if power is a problem, just reduce the graphic-settings or whatever it is. no problem! Wink

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