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As a general rule, are fs2002 aircraft downloads compatible with and functional in fs2004? I realize that fs2004 hasn't been out that long, but there is a plethora of aircraft available for fs2002 and I would like to utilize some of them in fs2004.

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😎 Aloha Navy, Yes, Generally speaking,I have at least twenty 2002
aircraft and a 49 caddie,so if the file is easy to install ( just aircraft file
and guages) they generally work. Have fun flying, Ric

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Thanks for the good news, Riclo. I have been overlooking a lot of aircraft downloads because they were for FS2002. I am very interested in floats and seaplanes. I'm very new at this but am considering a coast-to-coast trip in a seaplane (Renegade, maybe) using strictly seaplane bases. Should be interesting.

Again, thanks!

By the way, can I assume you are located in Hawaii? I was stationed there with the Navy for 3 years. Fantastic!

usn8ret 😀


😎 Aloha Navy, Yes I am located on the Big Island ,in the Kau district.
Came for a vacation 24 yrs ago and never left.

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I really envy you! Wish I had never left!


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