I find flying VERY ADDICTIVE!

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Ive had a trial flight and now i cant ge enough of it. I just gota get back up there! Thats why im so eager to start my training!!!!!!!! Its very addictive!! I just want to get back in that aircraft and fly it again!! At the momment i cant afford it but soon i will. I just cant wait to get back up there.

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amermel First Officer

lol yes flying is very addictive


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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

It's like Da Vinci once said...

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."


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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

welcome to the club!!!

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Daniel Scotcher (danielscotcher) Trainee

i think flying is soooo much fun

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

danielscotcher wrote:

i think flying is soooo much fun

Yea, me too! Yes

Hey Dan, you should make your picture smaller (800X600 or less).

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

yes my family hates flying in planes but i love it. i try to get a window view and one the near the wing.

one tim ewe were landing in Salt Lake and i noticed the pilot retract his flaps and pull up i told my mom i said " mom we`re not landing anymore" and she flipped out and 5 minutes after i said that the pilot came over the speaker and said "ladies and gentlemen we have encountered sunden crosswinds so we must try landing again thank you for flying Delta"

so now if i say something i get chewed out

but yes flying is fun, addictive and educational 😉

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

I am the "aviation nut" in my family, although everyone else in my family has no problem with flying, and they actually like it. Most of the time I end up fighting with my two brothers over who gets the window seat(s) on vacation, although my dad does his best to reserve at least 3 window seats when making the arrangements 😂

(being the oldest sibling, I always win the fight 😉 :lol🙂

I don't think I could bare to go an entire flight with an aisle seat.. I've always had a window seat, and it would feel way too weird having no window to gaze out, and nothing but a seat-back to look at...

I've taken two "discovery flights" in a cessna 152 at my local airfield and I start my pilot training in August. I am getting all my licenses/ratings through college because I am majoring in Aeronautical Science 😎

..i simply cannot wait to get up there at the controls again 😀

I love flying.. end of story.

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

pilotguy44 wrote:

I don't think I could bare to go an entire flight with an aisle seat.. I've always had a window seat, and it would feel way too weird having no window to gaze out, and nothing but a seat-back to look at...

i had an aisle seat and it was horrible i counted the stripes on the seat in front of me 5 times!!!

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simon roourke (simon123) First Officer

yes i know what you mean.


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HelpsJ Trainee

😞 ive never flown but i find flight simulator pretty addictive... i could have gone in the RAF section of our CCF but the commitment was extremely big and you only got to fly 2 or 3 times a year... i often regret no taking it up but hopefully i will be able to fly... soon 😂

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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

you think window seats are cool? i got first observer seat on an A340 from cincinnatti to paris. i got the seat because the plane was full. if you ever get the chance to ride in the cockpit, take it, and don't stand up, becuase someone could take it 😀

Blue flight special Guest

if you dont think flyings addicting your in the wrong place. its just the tgrill of flight that gets me. everything about it...

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astraGTE Trainee

lol flying is very addictive

pilot,flyer Guest

i find flying addictive all the time. As soon as i see a blue clear sky i just sunddently want to get in an aircraft and fly!

If you do not find flying addictive then this is the wrong site for you.

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chris Ingham (teenflon5) Trainee

I love flying but sometimes it gets a bit boring! at my school we have a 'ccf' wich is like the air cadets and i've been about 5 times flying with school, but after 3 or 4 times you do the same things over and over. Soon I will start my gliding scholarship (all paid for by the goverment!) so that will be fun, and next month I am starting flying lessons at my local airport which will be very fun and I am very excited!!!! so that will be very very good!!! Then I can fly a small plane anywhere in the world!!

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