Digital timer/clock

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Jim Cooper has a nice little timer/clock

File Description:
This is a Digital Clock & Stopwatch for FS2004 which reads in Hours:Minutes:Seconds There are two versions: LCD (Black figures on Grey-Green background)) LED (Orange figures on Black background) This gauge replaces my earlier stopwatch which reset when travelling across time zones! This stopwatch is not affected by time zones. Thanks to Guenther "GKCherry1" for testing and evaluating. It has a Start/Stop function and a Reset function. When not functioning as a Stopwatch it will display the Local Time The output is linked to the Simulator clock variable: If you pause the simulation the timer pauses. If you change the simulation rate the timer rate changes accordingly. If you stop the clock then the display remains visible at the stop time. If you re-start it continues counting from where you stopped. (There is no 'lap' function) Pressing RESET zeros the timer and shows the clock.

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very interesting.

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Good find lkw 😉


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Nice utility. 😉 👍

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