Newark Airport - KEWR - Why's it abbreviated like that?

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It seems like KNWK or KNRK or something like that would suit it better...

Anybody know the story about EWR?

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A-ha, another reason to not like the Navy. Wink

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there are quite a few airports with misleading identifiers

-Orlando is KMCO, which stands for the airports old name, McCoy Airfield
-Chicago O'Hare is KORD, which abbreviates the old name Orchard Airfield
-Kansas City is KMCI, abbreviation for Mid-Continent International Airport, although that name was dropped and it was re-named simply Kansas City International, but the code stuck to MCI
-Kahului, Maui is OGG, which stands for Hogg, who was some sort of a famous figure (a naval commander i believe)

..however, KEWR is simply Newark without the N .....ewark


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St Louis downtown is KCPS, yeah that makes sense. Wink

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In London, am I right in saying that Luton Airport is EGGW?? Wouldn't that be better suited to Gatwick??

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