A UK Memphis Belle Fly-in. August 2006. Ex-RAF Bassingbourne

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An interesting event, must find out if the public are being allowed entry, via land transport. Haven't saved enough for my Cessna yet!

Info not on first page, but there is a link........ Top of right hand column.

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Interisting about the squadron!!
Great site 🙂

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The Memphis Belle is the alter ego for the B17 'Sally B' who "played" the Memphis Belle in the film of the same name.

Wonder why they have referred to her as Memphis Belle? Maybe for the publicity (everyone knows what the Memphis Belle is)

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Insight, have you missed the point? "Memphis Belle" was a real wartime plane, and RAF Bassingbourne, is where it was actually based during the war...

Sally B is the last flying plane of the same era and design, in the UK, now based and maintained at Duxford.

Beautiful old Lady, the sound, sight, and smell of Sally B, always makes me feel very emotional. The B-17, and the British Lancaster, are both my favourite heavy warplanes, I've had the good fortune to fly in both, in the past.

Sally B taxying along the perimeter track at Duxford. August 2005.

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i know it was a real aircraft mate 🙂

Didn't realise that is where she was based though so I spose I did miss the point of that.

I was just saying that it would in fact be Sally B doing the fly in and supplying a link to her homepage in case anyone was interested.

I was lucky enough to sit in the pilot's seat of Sally B, not lucky enough to have flown in one though.

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