Can't Start FS2004, won't load

ausfarht Guest

I'm running a windows xp system, installation of Flight Simulator 2004 is perfectly fine. Then when i try to start it, the pic showing the dc plane shows up for awhile and then completely disappears, i can't seem to be able to run the program.

I trid installing on another com on windows millenium, the same thing happened as well. would someone be kind enough to help?

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Sorry but I have to ask, is a legal copy and are you using the no-cd-crack.
If it's not a legal copy, then that's your problem.
If it is see if these help and let us know how you do.;en-us;837195 My bet is the file not in "My Documents".


ausfarht Guest

yea, mine's a legal original one. erm actually all i do is stick the cd in, click express install and it just installs into my com's c drive. Its just under program files in c. Does it matter if the fikes are in My Documents?

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I have never used this and do not know anyone who has. It is from MS but I cannot say how well it works if at all.

I'm not making light of your typing I make enough mistakes myself. You said that your "fikes" are in "MY Documents", if you meant folder or file, yes it's ok and if you decide to reinstall make certain that you delete that along with everything else.
If you can't get it working, bring it back and get a new one, one minor defect can cause all the troubles. It should work if you tried it on two machines.
Good luck.


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Aloha, Just a quess but if I remember correctly an express install needs the CD to run becouse with an express install you don't install all the needed files,crack file or not. So if you would like it to run correctly make a file in your "Microsoft Games File" called "Flight Simulator 9" and then do a COMPLETE install to that Folder. You should now be able to go Fly!...if that doesn't work I'll,,,,I don't know,feel dumb maybe? Hope this REALLY Helps, Ric

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I belive this popped up a while back, and I had a similar problem myself - when you reconfigure the My Documents folder for network drive/admin access... etc. Try the following posts by Ryanrbftp here:

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ausfarht Guest

thanks a bunch guys. will try it out. haha if it really does not work then haha i'll figure a way. thanks.

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