Additional Joystick Axis and Button Assignment

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Does anyone know how to add new features to joystick axis like reverse throttle, both breaks L&R on one axis, Zoom ect...
Also can you add button assignments like Instant replay, restart flight and other menu functions?
Is it possible to make a button turn something on when it’s pressed and then turn it off when it’s released, sort of like a switch?
Couple things to help me set up my cockpit. Thanks!

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If you go to assignments in your menu, you should be able to set a button for anything there. just double click, a dialog box will open and then just push the button you want.

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no the axis button or hat switches are the same button you can only assign 1 action for each button. and the button I think you are talking about is what is mainly used to move the camera about in your different views.

i have tried and have been unsuccessful.

but i have no need to try that now my joystick has 33 buttons and only 4 dont have a function

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