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First Flight :)

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Today, my 16th birthday. I went flying...I would say for the first time but i have done a bit of gliding, but it was a first in a powered aircraft. It was only a TIF (trial instructory flight) but it counts towards my first lesson which i should be starting soon 😀

Well it started a bit late, but thats kooll i was so anxious to get started. I got a bit of a run down and some theory (which was easy thanks to FS and my gliding) and then we went to inspect the aircraft. We did it all, and i completed the check on the right hand side of the aircraft. All was good, had to check the hours because it was almost due for its 100 hourly (plane was a Piper Tomahawk).

Then was the fun bit, i taxi'd out to the active and got an immediate take off clearance, which is a bit wierd for a very very active GA airport (Jandakot, WA, Australia).

After take off we climbed to about 3000 ft, and went down the coast, gave me a feel of the controls and what they did and practiced level flying. Then we turned around and practiced trimming the plane, which was quite fun 😛 hehe. We did that for a little while, and he showed me some landmarks to make not of 🙂

Then we turned back towards Jandakot and flew downwind and onto base.

Then turned onto final (as you do lol) and picked up a little crosswind which was fun considering i flew the approach from start to touch down 🙂 THen taxi's back to the parking and that was it.

Im still on a high, and im starting my training soon after exams 🙂

Found out later, instead of an hours (as planned) it turned out to be almost 2 hrs in length. BONUS!!!!! 😀 😀

Can't wait to get back up there.


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Sounds like you had great fun!

Best of luck with any more lessons you have 👍 Punk

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Here is an interesting question. Is it easier or more difficult to fly real-world as opposed to FS?

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Congrats Flightcheck 😉

👏 👏 👏

flightcheck Guest

I would say harder, [but] its a lot more fun to do, the way you can feel the tension on the controls and feel every little bump. You can't beat it

MooneyN2996L Guest

Congrats on your TIF flightcheck, and yes it is harder than FS in real-world flying. I've flown in about 10 different aircraft and totaled up to about 25 hours over the years ive been interested in aviation since I was 6. My grandpa used to own a 1967 Mooney M20F (tail #: N2996L, I loved it until it crashed) and right now my uncle owns a 1964 Piper Cherokee 140, which is across the street right now at a little airpark.

But it's a lot of fun flying in real world. ATC talks A LOT faster than on FS, and you can barely understand them, not to mention when you land, instead of hearing a little "err" as the tires touch town, you hear a "sccccrrrreeeeecchhhh"as each one hits and as they do, the tires are moving at 0 mpg when you hit the aspahlt at 80, the plane tremendously slows don since the tires quickly speed up. But also, there ALWAYS a little turbulence, and if you "accidentally" hit the yoke forward (pitch down) like me, you'll feel your stomach tickle as you and the plane start "falling." Plus, if you take your safetly harness of for a sec (FAA goes against this rule, your not supposed to take off your seat belt while flying GA aircraft) you'll start free-floating around the cabin, its fun.

And for those that think you've flown FS for 10 years or whatever, you could totally take control of an aircraft if something happened in the cokcpit, I highly disagree with that statement. FS is only about 5.2% real compared to flying the real thing. The only thing I realize that FS tought me that was how to do ILS and its dofferent because the FAA are dismantling theur VOR stations due to the widely approachning naviagation world of GPS flying. Well time for me to go, I gotta go help preflight my uncles Cherokee, we might go flying again 😀

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