Funny eBay comments

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LMAO this poor guy

read the seller information list below the item description...

takes a few mins, get better towards the end

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Very funny. ROFL

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

ROFL Good find 👍

Again no swaps. What is it with people, when I say no swaps please don't take it as a challange. I have been offfered a caravan, 12 cars, 1 lorry, to have my garden landscaped, some rare fish, and I'm sorry but the very kind gent (Donald) who offered me a weekend with his wife (and him it would appear) I have a special message for you. The pictures you sent me of your wife did not, in all honesty help. Some of them looked more like a traffic accident than something that I might remotely find alluring. I am sure that if you set up your own website (assuming that it's not illegal) there will be plenty of sad sacks (many from ebay land going by this experience) who will indulge your (and your wifes) desires.

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Germán Campopiano (Oberkomando) Captain

Great!, thanks for that link, lol good ones.

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oreo005 First Officer

I thought it was a pretty ugly car ROFL !!!

i didn't even expect bids

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

poor guy,great find in´sight!I'm also lmao!!! 😀 😀 😀 ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

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Canyon (NoWorries) First Officer

oreo005 wrote:

I thought it was a pretty ugly car ROFL !!!

i didn't even expect bids

You'd be surprised what will sell in Britain. 😕

The AUTOMATIC thing is stupid little British Escort was auto, and the MOT guy said, "I didn't know they made Escorts in Auto."...apparently Brits don't understand torque converters?

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