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How to find special buildings,scenery..etc,in fs 2004?

chris_auw Guest

For example,I want to see the Statue Of Liberty,but all I know is that it's located in New,how can I fly to it?
Is there any add-on utility that can help to locate special buildings,scenery,events..etc,in the world of fs 2004?Or..maybe someone already built a list and put it on the net?
Please help me,I really to see something special in the fs world..

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leadZERO Trainee

Search on the web for the Lat/Lon coords of the places you want to see... then slew there.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

No add on utility that I know of, why not get basic and go to the auto club or check on the net for the landmarks like The Statue of Liberty.
I'm originally from N.Y. so I knew where she was. There is a very cool download of her available at 2nd from the bottom.


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Riclo First Officer

😎 Aloha, You could try "ABACUS" they have a program that lists all the sights and easter eggs that are in the Sim, it's called "E-Z Landmarks" I think,check them out I think it may be what you are looking for. Ric

cevad Guest

Fly SW from La Guarda and go to 40.38N 74.1W and there she is -

cevad Guest

Another of the Statue of Liberty - I had my spotlight on !!!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Ive been trying to think of that prog Riclo was on about for a while now(thanks)
Here is a link to the site ➡

I don't know if I would want all that text on screen


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