Problems with "hardware"(CFS3)...

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Everytime I start the game, it's now starting with a "Disabled visual effects due to old driver or incompatible hardware", and also without sound inside the game(cfs3)... But nothing has cheanged until last time it ran perfectly!!! Please help!!!


Soyo KT600 Dragon Plus 1.0 Mothreboard
AMD Athlon XP 2400+
NVidia GeForce FX 5200 Video Card
Genius SM-Live Series 5.1 CD/DVD (or something like this)
DVD Combo drive
CD-RW Drive
Floppy Drive
VIA Rhine III Fast Ethernet Adapter

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Set Widows back to another "restore point" and see if that helps.

Clean out your old video driver and reinstall a new one.
You have an older card so don't load the latest drivers they won't help at all.

Reboot and defrag your h/d it probably needs it.

You didn't say how much memory you have.


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Yeah, I have the same problem. Does anyone know if there is some way of altering the registry to tell CFS its a different card?

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Clean out your old video drivers.
Download new ones, don't install them yet.
Delete the card in the device manager.
Reboot the computer, Windows will recognize the card.
Install the new drivers.



But my drivers ARE the latest as before it started that problem...

Archeronox Guest

Sorry, I've forgotten to identify myself in the last post... Where i comment that my drivers are the latest... (and also changed the name, I didn't seen that was need to pay to register...)
And also Defrag and Restore didn't worked

Archeronox Guest

Here's the rest of the hardware:

768MB Ram memory (One 512 MB and one 256 MB)
SATA 120GB With 50GB Free Space HD

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