War Zone in FSP went out of control

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I was rolling down runway 1 at Washington National Airport (KDCA) and as soon I started climbing, I turned right a little and was being shot at on ground and who ever it was shot my fuel tank, hydrolics system, gears, and my right engine. I tried to turn around land they kept shooting at me I was going to land at a alternate airport (KBWI in Baltimore), but ran out of fuel and crashed.

But I got a perfect for sending out the mayday before crashing.

Does anyone has any stories to tell me about going thru the War Zone in FSP?[/i]

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For your information, that is what happens when you fly over restricted airspace, in Washington, DC, London, The Vatican, etc. FSP calls these a war zone. So much for accuracy. 😂

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Does anyone has any stories to tell me about going thru the War Zone in FSP?

Lots of them...The most funny that after more than one shootings i had to land my floatplane on the mountains of Colombia with only my floats... 😂

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