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MFS 2004 reboot problem!! PLEASE HELP!!

Dukem737 Guest

Please help! I have recently installed a legal version of MFS 2004 onto my computer. I ran up the game and, naturally, being new to the game I started the introductory flight. Sadly, after about 30 seconds of play, just as I lifted off the ground my screen went black and my computer rebooted. When booted up again, it showed a microsoft error report message that says: 'Your computer has recovered from a serious error.'
I have tried everything Microsoft says to try and can't figure it out. see:;en-us;303032&spid=1823&sid=global

I am really fed up as I was looking forward to playing the game. 😞

Here are my specs:

128 MB 9200 ATI RADEON Game Buster
AMD Athon XP 2600+
512 MB RAM
Onboard Sound Card - capable of Direct X 9.0c
Windows XP

Please Help!

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

You CPU is ok.You RAM is in the limit.512mb more should do the job better for you.

From a first view probably its an overheating problem which can be solved by cleaning very careful your CPU's fan and heatshink.

Lets us know. 😉

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

If your like me and know nothing about computers, then if it is a heat problem as Greekman suggests, then you could always try and take the side of your tower off to let a bit more air circulate. If it works after that, then you've got your problem 😉

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Your system specs are OK,a little low on the Ram,but should run fine.
Greekman72points the finger at overheating and I would agree,99jolegg suggests taking the side of your PC off,again I agree.If you have a desk fan or similar,point that to blow cool air into the case

Have a look at the fans inside your case,if they are covered it dust,use a cotton bud to gently clean(the PC is switched off of course 🙄 )
Fans do-not last forever,they are cheap and easy to replace(honest 😉 )

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain might want to turn off automatic restart. When your PC shuts down you'll get a BSOD with the code of the error. Then you can search google with it and identify the problem 😉

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