ATC stops giving directions -ILS ?

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I was flying from LAX to San Francisco, relying on ATC to give me directions and altitude directions all the way as it usually does.

For some reason it stoppped giving me directions and I passed the airport. ATC always gives me directions to line me up with the runway from the start of the flight to finish... but I lost contact with them.

Why does this happen, and How Can I avoid it? Also.. on longer flights, is there a away I can just fly using the autopilots NAV, and contact ATC for directions later, when I am closer to my destination ? And how?


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If it happens again click open the knee board and go through the ATC messages,you may have missed one

I did it tonight Doh! I could have swore they said"expect vectors for runway 27" so I tuned the radios and flew past the airport 😳
On clicking the knee board they had said "expect runway 9"

for me I put it down to being Yawn half asleep

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FS ATC is really crapy Puke Up You should try flying online with VATSIM.

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