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Abacus's Airbus Fleet

Air-head Guest

Got given this as a present.....
Already had a few freebie Airbuses, but this package doesnt seem to bad.

Virtually the whole Aribus fleet, (but not A380 for some reason) including the new A350, and A rudimentary FMC, and some verbal warnings...

Does anyone here have it, or heard anything about it, came with a few liveries too, doesnt seem to bad for I guess around the £15 /pricemark..
(thats normally all thats spent on me 😀 )

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Pro Member Chief Captain
VegasFlyer Chief Captain

There are some fictional repaints and not that much liveries, plus they missed out on A321 completely!

Air-Head Guest

Your right! what about the A321's!! an why include the A350, and not the A380 which is almost in service......

An another flaw with it, it appears to be the same engine sound file for the whole fleet, but the 340 has 4 engines, last time I counted. 😕

But other than that, it seems ok 😉

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