mouse as joystick?

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i just bought flight sim 2004, and am a pretty casual gamer. the last flight sim i had was the combat flight sim and you could right click on the screen to look around the cockpit and then right click again to use the mouse to control the plane. is there a way to do this with 2004?

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They discontinued it after 2002 (so I understand) but here is a site with a "fix".

I've never tried it and don't know anyone who has. We all use joysticks.


karzy Guest

Does anyone have this program or know where to get it from?

the link on his page doesnt work, seems the file is missing from the server 😞

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It works for me so i cant help you


if the download link works for you, would you be able to email it me, i can get on the page but cant download the file. maybe you misunderstood me ❓


its ok i found it on 😀

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