Vickers "Viking" and "Valetta" aircraft

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I have these two Rick Piper simulations downloaded to my pc. The "Viking" is most reluctant to leave the ground whilst the "Valetta" takes to the air at a perfectly reasonable speed for the type - its tail lifts much more readily too.

I have checked the "Model" folders of them both and find that the "Viking" uses a "Notepad" format and it is simple enough to access the program lines. The "Valetta" is completely different and uses an aircraft file with an ".mdl" suffix. My computer will not open this file and I have no idea as to which software creates .mdl files. Can anybody please advise me as I would like to be able to compare both aircraft "Model" files to see where they may differ?

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.mdl is the model - why would you look at it? do you mean the model config? well that's irrelevant anyway.

you need the aircraft config if you want to change stuff, but first have you set the appropriate flaps and set the fuel/pax/cargo payload?

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Thanks for the reply, you are perfectly right and I ought to know better than to ask such a stupid question as I've altered the aircraft.cfg files often enough to know full well where I ought to be looking.

So .... I've printed off the two .cfg files and will now do a line by line comparison to see if I can find anything in them that differs to create the noticeable difference in take-off characteristics.

Thanks again and hopefully I can fix the Viking to behave better!

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