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What is the proper landing speed (IAS) for the 747-400 with full flaps? Also, what is the proper flare angle at that speed?

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Speed around 145 - 155... flare pitch.. 4 - 6 degrees

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At that speed with flaps fully deployed, the 747 pitches up about 10 degrees just to stay in the air. If I lower the nose to 5 degrees the VS descent plows me into the runway.

What's the trick?

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Depends on weight but flaps 30, 240k kg 140kts
280k kg 152kts
320k kg 163kts
400k kg 184kts

A little bit of light tech talk to help you understand the nose high attitude better. As airspeed decreases the wing will generate less lift. In order to create the lift required to balance weight (Newtons law equal and opposite reactions/ forces in flight) we need to increase speed or the angle of attack. The reason you are nose high in my opinion is that the speed for the weight is too low. Try an approach at a higher 170kts and see if this helps.

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From Flight Simulator knee board data:

Boeing 747-400 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Vref Landing Speeds

Weight-Lbs. Flaps 30 Speed-KIAS
880,000 188
837,000 182
794,000 176
751,000 170
708,000 164
665,000 159
622,000 153
579,000 147
536,000 141
493,000 135
450,000 129

You flare by looking out the window not by instrument indications. There is no specific pitch indication to try for when landing. Correct speed and technique will ensure proper landing attitude.

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