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Hi you people here on flyawaysimulation.

I'm a 22 year old kid from norway.
I have download tons of planes and helicopters.
But there is something I am wondering about!
I have a cd back home with movies from a Lockheed C-130 Hercules plane and on the movie the person which is playing what ever game the movie is from, he clicks on some buttons and the back door on the plane opens and a Humwee is driving out!
And I also have seen a picture of the Antonov 124 I think it is with the whole nose head is opend!
What I am wondering about is how it is done?
What do I need to do, to get this to work?

Please help me!

Sindre 22 Norway

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The C-130 is the Captain Sim model (payware). I don't know if the feature is available on other 130s.

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Karlw Captain

Shift E then quickly press 1-4 if u press shift e the main door will open but in the captain sim c-130 u have to press shift 2 then look for ramp turn on the power and lower and raise the ramps

Hope that helps

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

sometimes the tailhook button and wing fold will open doors and make things appear

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