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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Does any one know if it is possible to slave the autopilot to follow a GPS steer in the Legendary 727(payware)? In the hundreds 😳 of knobs and switches, I dont see a NAV/GSP switch Embarassed .

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Unless someone else has this aircraft Dont Know
How about posting a few screenshots for us to Drool over(you never know someone might spot something)
Have you tried errr forgot what its called........its in settings and if you put the mouse pointer over a control ,a small box pops on screen with what it slowly put the pointer over everything

Hope it helps

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain


Has anyone managed to find a way to slave the 727 to GPS yet, as I have the same problem !


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Not sure if it will work on all a/c but Shift+3 will bring up the GPS and might slave it too.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Cheers Dave C, Shift + 3 brings up the GPS but no option to slave over to Autopilot.

I suppose in a plane as old as the 727, it's realistic that you can't slave to GPS !!

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Arkydave First Officer

Given that 727s were flying around long before GPS existed, I'd say that's a fair statement. 🙂

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