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as part of my gauge creation i'm retrofitting some planes with my asi, vsi and altimeter alongside the brilliant freeware gdi attitude indicator by Yasutoshi Mori on availible on avsim.

pictured above the gauges have been placed (and bitmaps altered) on milton shupe's updated ac520 aswell as using glenn copelands cockpit commander. (i am working on an all in one radio also you see with nav1-2, com1-2 and adf). other planes i have worked on include the ffs vans rv7 and rick piper's chipmunk.

my gauges here are actually finished and will be released this week - i'm just sorting documentation. another gauge i am finishing is a simple EICAS for single props based completely on a real world product 🙂

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Nice looking gagues. Is the combination radio stack you are working on simular to Copelands Radio Gold?

a link to Yasutoshi Mori gauge in case you wanted to check it out as I did.

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tis like his radio gold, but horizontal and more realistic Wink

milton shupe's vc's are really easy to change!


That sound real good I usually make a seperate window when I use it as it has trouble looking like it belongs a lot of times. Haven't done much changing on VC panels but will see if I can gain some experiance. Thanks 😀

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That was me forgot to sign in Embarassed

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