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can somebody give me the average cruise speeds for the 737 747 and 777 and what is pitot heat and when do i use it i'm much abliged

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Go into your aircraft folder in the main Flight Sim 9 folder.
Go to each of the aircraft folders that you mentioned.
In each there is are two "blue ""E" hyperlinks", click on each of the two and they'll give you all the information about those aircraft that you want.


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I usually cruise at .8-.82 mach in the 737, .84-.86 mach in the 777. I don't fly the 747, I think there some glitches in the 747, no avionics switch for one, I don't care for the throttle quadrant either. Lastly the 747 takes way too much runway for both takeoff and landing. In real life, the 747 touches down at 140-150 kts indicated, the sim 747 it's more like 190 kts. Like I said, it needs some work. The pitot heat is for keeping the pitot tube from icing up when flying in known icing conditions. It keeps the pilots from losing control by way of not knowing how fast they are going.------Very important!

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