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I cannot get a 777 to go all the way up to its max cruise altitude of 42000. At some point the air speed drops off and it goes into a stall. Iss this just a glitch in the game?

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john parry wrote:

I cannot get a 777 to go all the way up to its max cruise altitude of 42000. At some point the air speed drops off and it goes into a stall. Iss this just a glitch in the game?

I think it is your 777 becouse I have the eaglesoft citation x and I have no problem going up to 42,000 feet. but the airspeed does drop at around 28,000 feet, when I have the auto thrust on. So I just turn it off and use the power manually. another reason is I have download some aircraft that do not go up to there cruise altitude.

you can also do a step climb. I think some of the aircraft that go up to 42,000 feet have to use this sometimes when thay are havey.


spuddi Guest

as you get higher up you need to decrease your rate of climb.
also if you are trying to do it with full fuel and payload you will struggle.

in real life airliners go up in stages maybe sitting at FL37 until they are abit lighter in weight before climbing up further.

try putting your fuel down to 40% and as you get higher reduce your clim rate so that by the time you are going between 35K and 42K you are climbing no higher than 500feet per min.

don't get too concerned about your airspeed apearing to be slowing down, this is just because at those hights you ignore the KIAS and use the mach number.

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The default 777 is broken, I don't recommend flying it.

spuddi Guest

how is it broken? i've never had too many problems with it.

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Ahh, something I can do. Here's what you need to do.

1. Go to your fs9 directory, and open the aircraft folder.
2. Find the folder called B777-300 and open it.
3. Find Aircraft.cfg and open it with NOTEPAD
4. Do a CTRL+F to find these lines

thrust_scalar = 1.0

Adjust the thrust scalar to a range of 1.1 to 1.3.

Why it works:
The Thrust Scalar is a multiple of the engine's static thrust, which is listed in the cfg as 84000 lbs. setting it to 1.1-1.3 gives you a range of thrust from 92400lbs at 1.1 to 109,200lbs at 1.3.

Why we didn't just adjust the thrust rating itself?

Because had we done that, we would also be messing with the fuel burn data, higher thrust = more fuel burned, and you wouldnt get the same range on it. With this method, the range is exactly the same, MAYBE even more, because we gave it more power with the same fuel burn.

Good luck with it, and remember, it's going to have some more power, probably a bit noticeable, but it's like comparing a 205HP V6 to a 285HP V8, not a huge amount, but you notice a li'l bit more response off the line.


Damn the defult boeing 777, download the US Airways boeing 767-300, Beautiful plane to fly. It also using the defule Boeing 777 panel so it is easy to climb.

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Many heavy metal aircraft that are really HEAVY have to level off around FL290 during the initial climb.

Enroute, you can climb 2000 feet every hour or so.......

As a rule of thumb, when your rate of climb drops off to about 500 fpm, level off. Enjoy the ride....

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Vertical speed is important. Above FL300 it should be around 1200 fpm so the aircraft has enough power to climb.

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and remember to set to mach, otherwise it will just play havoc with your airspeed readings/ engines

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Embarassed sorry about that. Thanks for correcting it for me 😀

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