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can't seem to get anywhere CLOSE to the 124-knot cruise (indicated OR true) at full power trimmed level at 5500 in ks during day flight in september. Tops out around 110 kias max, and cruise at around 2400 rpm (the higher side of the cruise power scale) is only around 102-105kias MAX, and that's a true of somewhere around 110 (switched option in realism settings to double-check).

this is true in both the default 172 AND the RealAir Kangan Batman 172. If this is indeed realistic that's entirely cool, just wondered if i was missing something major.

PS--auto mixture was on, so i know that wasn't the problem. 🙂


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I just tried a speed run in the default C-172SP and this is what I got.

Altitude- 5500 MSL temp. 43 degrees F.
KIAS 110 Full throttle with lean mixture
KTAS 119 Computed with handheld flight computer

Differences for lower speed than the advertised 124/126 KTAS.

1. Aircraft is equipped with factory installed wheel fairings that reduce drag,these are not simulated.
2. Aircraft used for test flight by Cessna had no drag inducing radio antenna such as the simulation aircraft.
3. Aircraft in simulation has two people aboard with full fuel, the test plane would have had only one with a lower fuel load.

All the above could account for the difference of 5-7 knots. 🙂

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thanks for the help! That all makes sense to me. One other thing that RealAir mentioned was to try just using the mixture control myself instead of automixture. So, I'll see...

Can't wait to start actual lessons (real world) so i can know for SURE what's realistic and what isn't! 🙂 Now if only I had a couple grand just lying around somewhere Embarassed


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