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OK, so Im learning as I go, and so far I got UT installed, ran the updates for it, and also installed the GA program and got that up and running. Now then, there are some quirks that I need answering...

1. I'm flying from Jamestown airport in North Dakota to Fargo. First off, I see a Lufthansa plane at Jamestown, and think to myself "there's no way that can belong there". Sure enough I look at the schedules for that airport, and no sign of Lufthansa. Then, while enroute, I see a Malaysia Air plane at 10000 ft. Again, Malaysia Air does not fly over North Dakota as I checked this.

2. I have noticed that some planes have the same destination as from where they came. For example, Contactair is flying JFK>JFK in the afternoon. Contactair is a Lufthansa plane and shouldn't even be at JFK in the first place.

3. I downloaded the updates alright from UT, but the AFCAD files aren't downloading for some reason. At least, it says it's downloading, but when I check for "updates not yet installed" or whatever, they still remain there no matter how many times I've tried installing them. I don't get an error message, so what's the deal?

4. Finally, the little Palmspotter feature crashes FS9 when I try to run it at a bigger airport. Is this usual? I have a fairly powerful system so I don't think that's the problem.

Any help with these issues would be much appreciated, thank you in advance!


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I've noticed some "quirks" with the scheduling myself lately, I expected to see more foreign airlines in Europe and Asia than I have.
But it's doing the job that I wanted, more traffic in the air and on the ground, it's alive!
I notice they are selling an update to the schedule, not buying here! I'll fly with the old original schedule.

As far as the AFCAD and Palm, that's technical and I'm just a consumer like you.
Your best bet is to go to their forum and read through it and then ask questions if you haven't found the answer.

Let us know how you do.


Dave1280 Guest

Well I'm a sucker and bought the new schedule... I flew a Honolulu to Maui flight and everything seemed good, even the palmspotter behaved. Of course I tried it (the palmspotter) at SFO and CRASH. Oh well... I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. I registered for the Flight1 forum and they haven't sent me a password yet, and it's been over 24 hours. I tried to contact support but it seems to me you need to log in first, but obviously I can't without the password 🙄 Anywho, I definitely love the product.

One quick thing: Can the GA traffic generator that you recommended (the one you have yourself I believe) and I installed, and UT negatively interract with each other? I assume that they don't share common files but I want to make sure seeing as I'm new to all this. Thanks!

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No they get along fine together on my machine.
"UT" makes its own aircraft and "GA" uses the aircraft in your folder.
"UT" is for the major airports and "GA" is for the small regional-private-muni-type airports, so you will see the aircraft that you fly (a bi-plane) parked or flying.
The only drawback with "GA" is the hit you take FPS because the small downloaded aircraft aren't "frame friendly".

Give them time, I guess on the weekend they are slow, although it should be automated on a new site.


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