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Downloaded the T38 trainer from this site and followed - I think - all directions. Everything "unzipped" fine, I have the three different texture versions (NASA/Robinson/SomethingelseIforget), but the gauges don't work right 😕 Namely in the "main" view (i.e. not virtual cocpit) the two main gauges (I would assume artificial horizon and altimeter) as well as all the right part (three - four rows of gauges, probably pressure, temp, fuels etc) do not appear (black holes). There is one .gau file in the plane's Gauges folder, which I copied over.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I just took a look, wanting to download it and look at the read-me but we have a few t38's and I don't know which you have.
I would place the gauges (out of their folder) into the main gauge folder and leave them in the t38 folder that you put into the main aircraft folder. (unzip twice)
I'm assuming you have 2004 and the aircraft is 2004.
If by any chance you have a Nvidia video card, upgrade your drivers to the latest ones, the older drivers have been found to not show the panel.
Let us know how you make out. Take fs9Garmin and DON"T unzip it, put it as it is (not in it's own folder)(drag-and-drop) into the main gauge folder. I just downloaded that one, if that's the one you did.


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