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hi, i am thinking of getting ultimate traffic and i have a few questions for you guys the have it. first, right now im just useing some ai things from project ai and i was wondering how ut compares to that. second does ut have every airline or do you have to pick the ones you want? and third you can tell me anything else you think i should know about it. thanks for the help.....again 😉

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heres one how much is it or is it pay ware at all?

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If you buy it off Flight1 it'll cost about 30$. It's a great program, and before I started flying on VATSIM I'd always be running UT. I like it because it's much easier to manage than ProjectAI, and sort of loads it all for you in one easy step. I don't think you get to pick which airlines to run, but it's fairly extensive. You can fly in a tiny regional airport in Vietnam or China and see just as much traffic (appropriate to the place) as if you were in Los Angeles! You'll probably never find yourself going "hey, this airline is here because?..." It even lets you add GA traffic, although this can be more of a nuisance than a good feature (I.E., landing behind a cessna in a major airport).

It even comes with an auto-updater that will download and load the latest AFCADs, liveries, etc. So in other words, if United ever paints a new livery (or starts using more Airbus's in new colors), the sim will reflect that pretty quickly. (Although mine doesn't work anymore, not sure why).

You should know though, if you run this and turn your traffic up to high, you're going to be sitting and waiting for takeoff for quite some time at busy airports!! Although, one clever feature that helps is if the planes are really backed up, when a plane is on the ground and has to wait until WAY off it's schedule, sometimes it'll disappear (only one aircraft at a time every 5-10 minutes or so). It seems unrealistic, but with FS's traffic management, sometimes it's the only way to make it off the ground!

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