Go from USA Extreme to Ultimate Terrain?

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I have USA Extreme Landscapes from Abacus (released in 2004) it's nice but I don't really see that much of a diference.

I would like to know if anyone is familiar with this and also Ultimate Terrain, which seems to be the popular choice, will I see a big diference if I go to Ultimate Terrain?

I already downloaded UT, now just wondering if it's worth the $34? Specially now that FSX is due out around October.

P.S. I have every Flight Sim you can think of, but I must admit I was a little bored, UNTIL I got TRACKIR... I love it. IT has made Flight Sims fun again, I don't know why I waited this long to buy it!!!


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Pilau Guest

Ultimate Terrain is the bomb, man. This is the best thing that has happened to the states in FS.

The land is much much closer to the real thing, as well as the land class and autogen placing and everything.

I compared some while ago, UT vs FS2004, man, what a difference!
First of all, just notice that FS2004 has repeated (i.e. similar) textures placed near each other , even for cities, urban class textures, which we all know can't be similar. UT has a texture for every spot here.

Plus, the textures are sharper, and the autogen (sorted by landclass) is aligned to/placed according to the textures. You also get roads, bridges, and of course you gotta witness the marvelous road lightning.

I'm really happy I bought this one, it's a gem.

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