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Trizz Guest

Yo, another question. Whenever I set the weather to either cloudy or even a little foggy, the fog and sky turns yellow!? It's like I'm in a dust bowl instead of a white fog cloud. Any1 know how I could fix this


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RadarMan Chief Captain

We're not ignoring you, so far no one has an answer, sorry.


spuddi Guest

are your sure you haven't got your shades on?

only kidding.

Does this happen everywhere in the world? does it happen if you set it at dawn, day, dusk, night or only at one of them?
have you installed any enviroment software?

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hinch Chief Captain

ok, get a white plane and set the time to the default 'day' (about midday) and the weather to clear or fair.

does the plane appear yellowy?

you need some new sky textures my man. i downloaded some and the same happened, but now i have another set and it looks ace Wink

Trizz Guest

Thnx for responding, yeah, that happens sporadically where my plain is yellow like some1 pissed on it 🙂

Anyways, yeah, I don't know which ones but I've installed a few sky textures. Can you point me out some good textures to replace the ones I have??


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