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Well I was looking at and I saw a ad about a 757 from PSS. Can anyone give me any info about this company and how their quality is and anyother important information. Thanks.

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Here are some links to reviews:

Airbus Pro
B777 Pro FS2004

PSS = Phoenix Simulation Software

Here is the features of the Airbus A340 PRO:

An expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002/2004

A fully detailed aircraft model of the A340-200 and A340-300 Airbus airliners for use specifically within Flight Simulator 2002/2004 including

* Detailed 3d textures

* Full moving parts including

o Flaps
o Rudder
o Ailerons
o Spoilers
o Gear
o Passenger Doors
o Cargo hatches
o Reversers
o Virtual Cockpit Controls

* Full night lighting inside and out

* Strobes and beacons set to Airbus specifications

* Fully-featured Airbus panel with expandable / undockable PFD, ND, ECAM etc

* Full 3D Virtual Cockpit

* PSS Utilities including

o Load Configuration Utility
o Fuel Planner utility in both Metric and Imperial units
o Panel Configuration utility for assigning all panel functions to keyboard inputs

* CFM engine variants Only

* Real CFM sounds

* Full onboard FMC including SIDs STARs and airways

* Reflective texture mapping

* New flight dynamics with built-in Airbus "fly by wire" protection

* 5 detailed manuals with charts and checklists

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