PSS 757?

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Hello guys,

I really want a good payware 757, should I go out and get PSS's? I already own CS757 but I hate it b/c my computer gets horrible fram-rates and I run FS2004 so I have no FMC. Anyway is the PSS as good as the Level-D (why or why not), how are the frame-rates (are the better/worse than PMDG 737, Level-D, Feelthere ERJ, Flight1 B722, CS757 - these aircraft I owen and have no issues with. And finally what is your experience with this bird, should i get it...

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CodyH wrote:

Anyway is the PSS as good as the Level-D (why or why not)..

I'm sure you're aware that the Level-D is a 767 and that's not the only reason why it can't be compared with any 757. The LDS 767 has been number one in the charts ever since its release. Not even any of the PMDGs have managed to knock it off its lofty pedestal.

Regarding the PSS 757 I don't have an opinion because I don't own it, sorry. I'm sure someone else has it.
I agree with your take on the CS757 - it should be scrapped. What a waste of money.

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whats all thsi lvl d stff?

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Level-D has published a (payware) Boeing 767-300, which is extremely sophisticated (for FS9 standards at least) and is great fun to fly.

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