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This has happened to me the other day, and again today, and its a bit annoying. There seems to be a bug where aircraft get stuck taking off, and end up passing through each other like in this image:

They just sit there, i then get takeoff clearance, but they are in the way so have to go round them or crash into them!

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Your not trying to take off from manchester by any chance are you?

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I am indeed. Is that a problem?

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yes it's a bug in the sim. i've only ever found it at manchester runway 24r.
the problem seems to be that there is no hold short at the very end of the last taxiway. so the aircraft go straight onto the runway and get forgotten about.

the good news is there is a fix. i have created one by editing the runway at the 24r end and adding a "hold short" point next the the existing "ILS hold short" point. (as the rest of the taxiway/runway links have).

you could do this yourself using afcad or if you want I can email you the edited bgl file with instructions where to put it (.../Addon Scenery/Scenery/).

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