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Hi Everyone,
I downloaded + installed "XtraWater" a few days ago, and I'm having a problem.

In some areas, such as New York City and St. Maarten Island, well, the only way I can describe it is that the water looks like there is oil spilled on the surface. Would you know what is causing this?

Also, when I try to set my water effects to "High", the slider resets itself to "low". Is there any way to keep the slider on "High"?

Sorry that I haven't been on the forums in a while - I've been really busy.

I saw that there is an FSX demo! I tried to download it, but with my High-Speed internet, it was going to take 18 hours to download! Is there a faster download available?


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FSX is a very large demo and it's a slow download everywhere. They purposely slow the DL rate for free members at most sites. If you pay for membership, it will download faster. I had really go luck with the link below(membership is free). It only took me about 25-30 min. to download. 🙂

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Hi Chris!

The texture slide (above water) works in conjunction with the water slide, use one to balance the other.
It seems to most of us that you can't max-out the water slide (bug?).


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