Triple INS Failure

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Please help!! Last night I loaded the Altitude Concorde with FS2002 and all three of the INS units wouldn’t switch on! This has never happened before and I have no idea why it’s happened. The only thing I did before attempting to turn on the INS units was to go into the electrics panel and alter the settings but my understanding is the INS units have their own power supply. I’ve tried re-installing the INS package but that doesn’t help. Each unit is still showing some promising features such as the light in the top left of each unit that allows keyboard entry lights up when clicked and the keypad and other switches gives a description when the curser is placed over it. The main dial though on each unit is on ‘STATUS’ and wont move. Basically when I place each unit on standby the co-ordinates window doesn’t light up and the main dial won’t move rendering them inoperable. As mentioned above though there are some signs of life with the units. Has anyone experienced this problem and what could be wrong? I had spent ages plotting a course only to abandon it because I couldn't get the INS units to switch on!

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Jamie4590 Guest

Although reinstalling the CIVA INS didn't solve the problem when I removed the CIVA folder first and then reinstalled everything was fine again. I'll never know why the INS froze like that. The previous night I turned the base unit off before it had shut down so this might be to blame!?

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