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I am running FS9 using MS-XP with lots of memory and everything else. I had this computer built just for FS2004. I am very unhappy with it. FS98 did have the actual sounds.(turbo and Mats connie sounds. The sounds they put out now are garbage. The Dc-3 has its own distinctive sounds and so does the connie. Now, the reason I am writing you is, I have downloaded a C133(sounds are way off) and a B377 that will not fly. What can I do to make this thing fly??? Crying or Very sad

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To tell you the truth you are saying too many things at one time for us to understand what you want.
Are they 2004 aircraft?
Will this fix whatever the sound problems are.


What do you mean "won't fly", are you referring to the aircraft or using the term as "this sim won't fly".


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