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737 pilot is command is a brilliant add-on and is defiently worth buying.

But the one thing I need help with is how to use the autopilot.

I dont know how to use the new panels and the manual does nothing for me.

the main things are I dont know how to get the plane to climb or descend or get it to turn to the heading I have put in.

Can anyone give me information on how to use it or make a short in flight video showing me how to use the autopilot, if you could do this it would be much appreciated.

(ps only make the video with one of the planes that came from pilot in command)

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Yea, the PIC737 has no manual...

Your best bet is to go to AVSIM and download the PMDG tutorials and go through them. Very helpful.

In general: To climb, use VS or LVL change. Same to descend. If you have entered all the information into the FMC (you should), using VNAV will climb and descend as directed by the flight plan (but note, you MUST update altitude on the MCP, it takes precedence over VNAV).

As for heading, just select a heading and click HDG 🙂 Again, if you have a valid flight plan click LNAV and the computer will follow the route.

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PMDG tutorials seem to much more on specs rather than how to use the panels...

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The PIC 737 has a very thorough manual 😕 ...I found it contained it everything I needed 😉

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The PIC copy I had a while back had a manual( a real book)(unfortunatly Ive had to send it back Crying or Very sad )
After you have set the heading,you have to "push" the heading button

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