Where's the course reversal?

cumpaniciu_one Guest

The direction from my last waypoint (Battleground) to the IAF for Portland RWY 10R is almost 180 degrees opposed to the landing direction.

Is a course reversal on the IAF the right procedure? See link for ILS chart at

Thank you!

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The ILS 10R, KPDX is designed for vectors to the LOC even though they label a IAF. There are no published transitions from BTG to the IAP. SID's into PDX all show a heading after BTG for vectors. I've seen IAP's at other airports like KPIT that were constructed similarly. I think it's because KPDX is inside of Class B airspace(I have not checked) thus ATC will always be available with radar coverage. In the event of emergency(or in FS), you are free to maneuver as necessary. I would stay at 4000', take the BTG 222 radial to the LOC. At the IAF, I would enter the published holding pattern with a teardrop entry, reverse course and complete approach. Calls for some fancy radio tuning(and thinking) as you transition thru the entire procedure.🙂

Don Wood Guest

This approach is not a regular ILS approach. It is a CAT III approach which, assuming the aircraft is so equipped and the aircrew is certified for this type of approach, allows approach and landing in zero/zero conditions (zero ceiling/zero visibility). It also allows landings in less than zero/zero if the aircrew is certified only for Cat IIIA or IIIB approaches. The bottom of the chart shows the minimum visibility conditions that must exist for these types of landings. (RVR is runway visual range)

I am not CAT III (or CAT II) certified so I cannot tell you exactly how it is accomplished but any IFR approach requires ground to aircraft communication so I assume that vectors to the ILS interception are provided.

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