Joystick Issues.

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Every time i load up FS9,i have to calibrate my joystick,which really rattles my cage!!
Is there something that can be done to solve this little dilema?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

What stick are you using and is it a USB or gameport. If it's a gameport that may be your problem in XP.
Hard to say without knowing more.
Someone with the same stick may have already solved that probem.


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violentviolet First Officer

It's a Saitek ST90 (not too fancy,but it does the job), and it goes into one of the USB's.

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Greyson Bassett (greystone) Trainee

VV-- Some issues that may be impacting your joystick settings:

1) Download and install the latest drivers from the Saitek website. Some driver updates require that you completely delete previous installations.

2) When you calibrate your joystick...I know this sounds simple, but I was surprised at how it can be overlooked... be sure to click OK, or Apply, rather than just exiting the window. Do this in Control Manager_Game Controllers_Properties. If Saitek has its own installed controller program, this should pop up for you instead of the generic MS calibration tool.

3) After calibration, go to My Computer. You should have a file called: C: \Documents and Settings\(your computer name)\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9\FS9.cfg Open this file with notepad and see if the changes you made to configuration are there. It will have all your button assignments and so forth. As a last resort: if you delete this file (create a backup first), FS9 should create a new one for you. You'll need to reset all your display and other settings afterward, but hopefully it will capture your desired joystick settings for good.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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violentviolet First Officer

Thanks,greystone. 👍

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