RC Concorde

Jamie4590 Guest

I know this website has loads of youtube links but I can't resist this one. RC is probably the nearest I'll get to flying my own plane!

Check out the flyover. Its hard to tell the difference from the real thing.

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UG_PL Trainee

I WANT ONE ! 😀 😂

Pro Member Chief Captain
Tailhook Chief Captain

Incredible. I reckon these hobbyists deserve well paid jops with NASA.

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CaptDennison First Officer

Ya know, those ducted fan and jet RC aircraft are just ever so cool. But as one who screwed with RC A/C before-the guys flying these are VERY EXPERIANCED!

Check this video out!

Capt. Dennison

Pro Member First Officer
cheechm First Officer

There is one which is an A380 which is immense. I WOOT. 😂

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