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Hi! I'm planning to build a mid-range AMD-based gaming PC in the next few weeks, but right now I still haven't decided between an LCD or a CRT display. I haven't tried using an LCD for gaming. Which one would you recommend for FS2004 and why? Some say CRTs are better because of its superior resolution and faster response time, but are LCDs really that bad as far as eye candy is concerned?

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I had a 22" CRT (5½ years) and just bought a 24" (wide-screen) LCD and I must say that the site that Greekman showed you is 100% correct.
Great find GM!


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19" LCD here, dumped my CRT 2 yrs ago takes up to much space but they last forever, the only down side of LCD is the life time which usually averages 35k to 50k hrs and some are a little heavy on the wallet.

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I got a 19" LCD several months ago, and I love it. It replaced an ancient 17" CRT, which was dying before my very eyes, so this is a wonderful improvement. It is brighter, sharper, faster and higher resolution.

The one factor which pushed me into the LCD camp was electromagnetic interference from the CRT. Besides gaming, the other main purpose for my computer is recording and mixing music. All of the analog cables (outside the computer) were picking up the electrical hum from the CRT. And, it would make an extra-loud buzz if I moved the mouse. Since I do a lot of the original recordings on analog tape and then import them to the computer, that was not acceptable. With the LCD all of that went away.

I'm gradually moving to an all-digital signal chain for my music, but like I said, the old monitor was dying anyway.


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Great site there GM, thanks. In my favourites now, for future use...

I can see it being used when asked a difficult question, and unable to put the answer into words. This should do a good job...


Have one for me!

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😉 🍻

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