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I have recently purchased 737 pilot in command and I am having trouble with the autopilot.

After take off I input the altitude and the heading the ATC has told me to put in and then click all the buttons the manual tells me to click and the plane just stays on the same course I was flying and when i let go of the joystick it just drops its nose and heads for the ground!

i need help because if I dont get this working i am going to have to fly the whole flight free hand and that is Annoying

Help would really be appreciated thankyou!

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This may be a silly question but have you clicked the auto pilot master switch?

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Also try pressing(clicking) the heading button


Hello there

I have done everything the manual has told me to do and it still will not work


hello again

In 737 pilot in command the panel is different to the planes that come standard with FS9. so i am not used to it and I give up because it annoys me so much.

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Then, whatever you do, do not get the PMDG 747. 😉

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Anonymous wrote:

hello again

In 737 pilot in command the panel is different to the planes that come standard with FS9. so i am not used to it and I give up because it annoys me so much.

well the fs9 standard planes are basic.

that is a competant simulation and therefore darn complex.

take your time, double check everything and you'll get there - can guarantee it'll be worth it.

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I had exactly the same problem as you did when i first bought the product too - unfortunately, the manual isnt anywhere near as good as the product itself......

Ok - first things first.......

1) On the MCP, dial in the initial altitude that ATC assign to you on the ground.

2) On the heading selector, dial in the heading of the runway that you are taking off from - ie if you are told to take off from Runway 09, dial in 90.

3) Where i think you may be going wrong is with the speed. Before taking off, you need to arm the Autothrottle and dial in your airspeed - the manual says set this to your cruising speed of 250kts - this is way, way, way over the top - the recommended setting is V2 + 10 - i would say set your speed to no more than 170.

The problem with having a higher speed setting is that when you engage the autopilot by clicking the CMD A button, the jet will attempt to attain the speed by diving the nose, hence more airspeed - an unfortunate side effect is crashing nose first into the ground!

One last thing to point out is to make sure that the Autopilot Disengage bar is set to disengage, ie, up, not down....

Ok - so, now that all your setting have been set, taxi to the runway and take off - at V1, rotate and try to hold your nose at about 12.5 degrees - when your altitude passe 1000 ft, engage the AP by clicking the CMD A button - hopefully, you wont take a nose dive!!!!! If you do, try repeating the same but with a slightly slower MCP speed set for the autopilot.

All being well, the AP will climb to your assigned altitude, and once you are safe that you arent gonna crash and burn, you can increase the speed control on the MCP to 250kts.

Hope this helps fella - if not, repost and i will talk you through some other things you could try......

Good luck, and persevere - it is sooo worth it!!!

Chris aka chrisb440

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hello chrisb440

My name is matthew and i am very appreciative of you putting your time and effort into this. 😀

Unfortunatly your first suggestion did not work and it is really frustrating me that that i cant fly the damn plane which was the whole point of buying the product!

First i put the assigned altitude in which was 11000ft I took the speed down to 170 and lower and after 1000ft I applied CMD A and the nose of the plane pitched stright down and crashed.😞

Sorry If i didnt mention anything you told me to do I apologise but I wdid go through your instructions step by step and still it did not work

If you could please help me through this problem it would be fantastic as it does really seem to be worth the hard yards.

kind regards matt.

chrisb440 Guest

Hi Matt - thing to try........... 🙂

You will need to go into your Flight Simulator 2004 Program Files on your hard your main folder will be a sub folder called Modules. Go into this folder. Delete any files in there beginning with FSUIPC with or without an extension.

When that has been done, log on to the internet and go to this page;

On this page you can download a new version of FSUIPC 3.70 - it is a zip file so make sure you have an unzipping program before doing this.

If memory serves, you will have to instruct the unzipping program to unzip this file into the modules folder in your FS9 program files.

Once this has been one, reboot your PC.

Load FS9 when your computer has restarted and select a flight using the default FS9 plane, which i think is the Cessna - dont fanny around with a flight plan, just go straight to flying.

Before taking off, set your autopilot on the Cessna's radio stack to x altitude and xxx heading.

When you have taken off - engage the AP - just to verify that the AP works correctly.

Assuming that this is ok, end the flight. Close FS9 and restart again, but this time choose your Boeing Wilco/Feelthere plane - again, jump straight into flying without going through all the flight plan guff and test the AP...... any joy??? If not, repost Matt and we will see what we can do next.......

Chris 🙂[/i]

chrisb440 Guest

Matt - Hi -

One other thing to check is your 737 PIC by going to Start Menu> All Programs> Wilco Publishing> 737 PIC> and then selecting the setup facility for the type of plane you are using - on the CWS Tab, ensure that the Yoke can overforce AP checkbox is unchecked!


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Hi Chris

It is working you are a genious Idea, I couldnt thankyou enough for your effort in helping me!😀

hopefully it is as rewarding as you say it is all i have to do know is install the final few liveries.

P.S also one last question ❓ How do you use the photoshop format to create your own liveries because this is also something I would like to do maybe even create my own fleet.

kind regards Matthew 🙂

chrisb440 Guest

Hi Matt - no problem fella - it is a pleasure to help.....hope you start to enjoy the product........

If you need any further help, then just repost on here - wait till you get to programming your FMC for ILS approaches!!!

Have fun fella!!!!! Wink


chrisb440 Guest

Matt - as far as designing your own liveries goes, i really dont have a clue fella - i have been too busy trying to work out how to land this bird on the runway!!!

Im sure if you scan thru the forums you will have an answer - sorry i cant help you with thid question fella, but anything to do with the operation/mechanics/performance of the jet i should be able to handle....

Chris 🙂

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hi Chris

Thankyou anyways i dont really mind if i dont have photo shop format but thankyou for your help anyway.

Kind regards Matthew

chrisb440 Guest

Hi Matt -

Not a problem at all fella - its a pleasure! 🙂


Guest Guest

Hey Everyone,

finally someone maybe has an answer for me.

My issue:I like lining up manually when i land but i like the autopilot to

control thrust and descent rate.

How do i do this on the 737 PIC?

Please im going crazy trying to figure this out.

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