How do you turn off the APU sound?

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Hey, you know, I've downloaded a Continental Boeing 737-500 a few weeks ago, which uses the default panel and sound. I wanted a more realistic sound so I went to AVSIM and downloaded and installed a good CFM56-3 engine sound. I love it, especially the APU sound!

However the battery and avionics switches can't turn the APU on but, everytime I turn my engines on, the APU automatically turns on but how do I turn them off when I turn off my engines? I tried turning off, the avionics and battery switch but I still hear the APU sound. I even tried deleting the sound file that was making the APU sound, Evironment.wav to the Recycling Bin but that didn't work.

Could anyone try downloading this and testing this soundpack with the default B737-400 panel to see if you could turn off the APU manually?

The B737-500 that I fly with uses the default B737-400 panel.

The download is called:

CFM56-3 Sounds For The Boeing 737 Second Generation (737-300/400/500)

The soundpack I downloaded is this zipfile on AVSIM:

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I have a few panels where in the cold and dark situation the APU is running. As there is no on/off switch for the APU in the panels i think the only way to not have it running would be to remove the APU sound file from the sound folder. 😞

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I already tried doing that and it doesn't work. Maybe there is another sound file that is similar to the one that I had deleted.

Could anyone download the zip file that I showed to you and test it with the default B737 panel on your PC? I want to see how does the APU sound work for you.

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I have emailed the author who made this B737 soundset and I'm waiting for his reply. Hopefully, he'll email me about my problem.

In the meantime, I also discovered another sound file that make the APU sound: 737_COCKPIT.wav.

I haven't deleted that sound file yet so I could get a response from the author.

Any ideas to help me out here?

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