Timothy Metzinger Tutorial - AAAAGGH !

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Hi all,

Everyone is talking about this FAB tutorial for the 737NG by a guy called Timothy Metzinger... It talks you through a full FMC driven flight, from engine start, through to Autoland...

... So wouldn't you think it'd be easy to find on the web ??? DOH! Been surfing for an hour and can't find this file, so was wondering if anyone could post a link to it ????

Thanks in advance..

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Download or open it in PDF and read it.
I would suggest downloading it as long as you have the free Adobe Reader.

(dead link removed)


muis Guest

I searched a while as well and first only could find the older version. But here you can find version 2:

(dead link removed)

good luck!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Thanks Muis - I'll check this out !



This version 2 tutorial is like some elusive cat burglar. I can find version 1 easy enough but everytime I see links to version 2 they are broken. What's up with this version 2 availability?

Anyone care to share it?

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