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Hey guys. Can anyone provide me with an FMC tutorial for the PMDG 737NG. Thanks

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Take a look at this one..It is very good, but you will had to have read quite a bit before you will be able to follow it.

(dead link removed)

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Actually, I have a few questions about this document.....but I will ask one at a time 😀

Question 1
On page 24/25 it talks about setting up the FMC for your ATC clearance. He then go's on to provide the clearance that ATC will give you which you need to enter into the FMC. Okay, this I understand but what I don't understand is that clearance has not actually been given by the ATC and I am not able to request the clearence as no flight plan has been created during the flight setup. So if I was to set off to taxi, I have no taxi instructions or runway to takeoff from?

I hope I have explained this one correctly? I also understand I may not have grasped the document and possibly misunderstood or overlooked something.

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