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Is there a way to tweak the performance of add-on aircraft.

I ask because I love flying the add-on T-28 Trojan. However after doing some research about the real aircraft I've noticed some performance areas with the FS version that could use some tweaking. Mainly the takeoff performance.

The real aircraft with the bigger engine(3 bladed prop) has a listed takeoff roll of 800 to 1000 feet. The FS version, which is modeled after the big engine version takes several thousand feet to take off, with or without using flaps and struggles into the air.

This is a great add-on, one of the best yet IMHO. I'd just like to make it a little better by dialing in the realism a little.

Is there a way to do this through the aircraft's cfg file or something else??

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A member here is fooling around with the config and getting a little extra out of the aircraft.
One of our members might be able to help, leadfoot.

See if the 2nd from the bottom is of any help.


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